This is a personal development brand. We are YouTubers and activists for positive psychology.

Positive psychology is the science that defines what success and thriving mean for a human being. Have you ever wondered how you can be happy? Well science says 40% of the average person’s happiness is controllable with outlook and “jedi mind tricks.”

If you have ever looked into self-help and been disappointed, it is because the self-help industry is super predatory. We actually have a poem on our blog about arrogant self-help writers.

Grounding Positivity produces self-improvement books.

Are Self Help and Self Improvement Different Things?

We writers at GP Books offer The Internet this useful rule of thumb 👍.

Does self-help really work?
*yes. But it only gets you up to OK.

In bookstores and in the publishing industry, self-help is the genre. Self-improvement is the subgenre. It is an uncomfortable fit for healthy people who don’t need help so much as they need evolution. If this sounds like you, then you might want to check us out on YouTube and social media, because you are like us. 👉

We are The Future of self-improvement.

This media house is built on the belief that we are currently living through an era that is so fundamentally different from anything that has come before that it may be called “The Future.”

That might sound dramatic, yes, but the idea resonates with people of all ages and cultures because it has become impossible to ignore how different our world is from everything that history has ever brought before. It really makes sense when applied to our day-to-day.

self-help: Is defined by its aim of healing and restoring.

self-improvement: Is defined by its aim of studying the concepts of thriving and human optimization.

personal development: For all intents and purposes it is the same as self-improvement

Grounding Positivity Books: Mission

GP Books is a media house that uses innovation to connect self-improvers with the science of positive modern psychology.

Our YouTube channel and 100-page art books offer the same lab-tested theories as a dense psychology textbook, but we make these theories look beautiful, cool, catchy, and practical.

Our vision is to create better normals.

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Our First Title

poetry from The Future

5.0 out of 5 stars

“A modern and innovative approach to discussing philosophy and positive psychology”

These are some of the top books in the subgenre of Self-improvement

  • The Way of Zen by Alan Watts
  • Twelve Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson
  • Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

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